VERSA, a graphic approach to grouting

Versa is a tile that attempts to elevate grout from its disregarded existence, to that of a focal point.

They have grooves that when filled, blur the boundary of each tile and create a wall where the grout no longer breaks up but makes up the pattern. By changing the orientation and grout colour, Versa gives you a seamless and customisable graphic ceramic surface. The grooves make it very easy to snap the tiles so they fit any given space whilst never openly revealing that they have been cut. To visit the VERSA website click here. To find out more Please get in touch.


MY AMI bistro table & stool

Winner of the Designer Guild Mark 2016 and the Heal's Discovers 2015 competition, ‘My Ami’ is a flat-pack range of furniture, intended to be a statement about the importance of conscious, sustainable design whilst addressing the modern issue of space in the city. I have stripped back the manufacturing process to the bare minimum, avoiding the need for complex, power-intensive production. Constructed using toolbox basics, each piece comprises a circular top and interlocking V-shaped legs, joined by simple copper tubing.

The pieces will form part of Heal’s Ambrose collection, demonstrating that designer furniture for compact living can also be affordable and beautiful. Purchasable on Heal's website here.


SLIDING TOP breakfast table

This table was born in response to a private client’s need for a breakfast table to go in front of an L-shaped banquette seating area in their kitchen.

The sliding top, lockable in its middle position, enables easier access to the seating by pulling it out diagonally into the room. It can equally be pushed in the opposite direction, over the banquette, in order to maximize the kitchen’s useable space when the table is out of use. Since the original Walnut one, I was recommissioned to make a Marble and Oak one.



TOPNOTCH was Inspired by Japanese intricate woodwork and born from a playful approach to structure. The idea behind it was to repeatedly use a brain-teaser puzzle as a dry joint in order to create a structure system that could be applied to many household items requiring a straightforward structure. The desire was to challenge tradition and aesthetics by engaging with sustainable production methods with the intention to create a manufacturing system based around the use of one process. The outcomes are beautifully intricate and seemingly complex pieces of furniture. Demonstrated In this case by a kneehole desk, juxtaposing tradition and innovation.


MONROE chair

The MONROE Chair is an exploration of form and function through repetition. With modern technologies such as CNC machinery, we are able to replicate endless identical items, which is impossible by hand. This chair is made of 83 matching components which swivel around a central axis in order to create a complexly curved and comfortable armchair. The challenge was to create one flat shape that contains the four main elements of an armchair as the back leg gradually morphs into the backrest and the armrest into the front leg. Creating a distinct aesthetic entirely defined by the manufacturing process and the simplicity of the original concept. Named MONROE after its striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe’s white pleated dress as she steps over the subway grate in NYC.


DELTA KNOT coffee table

The DELTA-KNOT was developed as a result of an exploration into the relationship between ‘sustainable’ construction process’ and aesthetics. Looking into how to produce unusual yet elegant furniture using as little time and energy as possible, whilst using neither glue nor screws. All the cuts enabling each component of the puzzle to slot into each other are identical. Achieving fairly quickly something that looks a lot more complicated than it is.



The design of this staircases system was developed in collaboration with a french carpenter and friend of mine. Our brief was to produce a non-imposing staircase made from solid ash wood. We went on to develop a slender and easy to assemble staircase system which we reused again since the first one.

The solid ash strings are as close together as they could be, before compromising their strength, so as to maximise the visual elegance of the stairs. The hand rail posts are captured in the steps using little aluminium spacers to accelerate the assembly process, and the outer edge of the steps are stepped back from the wall in order to increase the ease of the assembly and fit of the stairs in the given space whilst emphasising its weightlessness.


RETREET tree house

Retreet is a multifunctional modular tree room with balcony that can be mounted to ‘any’ tree. It is almost entirely CNC produced, fully insulated and offer a comfortable 8sqms room all year round. Used as either a home office, a spare bedroom, a kids playground or simply a garden folly. Extending your enjoyable living space.


Oak Frame Barn

For this building I collaborated with a french carpenter and friend to design and build a green oak frame barn in the south west of France. The foundations and roofing were subcontracted out.